Featurette: Lavertezzo, Switzerland

International Bellhop Travel Magazine


Located in the Southern region of Switzerland — in the Canton of Ticino — Lavertezzo is a small town, high in the Swiss Alps. Lavertezzo is the perfect destination for a day-trip when staying in the Southern portion of Switzerland, or as a quick trip from Northern Italy.

Lavertezzo -- Map

Lavertezzo is located in the Verzasca Valley, on the Verzasca river as it flows from the Verzasca Dam in the North to Lake Maggiore in the south. Known as Switzerland’s “White Water Trail,” the route along the Verzasca river has several hiking trails and offers a number of attractions for outdoor enthusiasts.


Ponte dei Salti Bridge in Lavertezzo, Switzerland

Known internationally and locally as “The Roman Bridge,” the main double arched bridge of Lavertezzo only dates back to the 17th century, but is built in the free-standing Roman Arch style. Re-built in 1960, the Ponte dei Salti Bridge is the iconic symbol…

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